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June 15, 2016

Gallery Of Birds

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Over our 37 years in business we have accumulated a wonderful collection of artwork from a variety of sources – too much to fit on available wall space. So we have cleared one whole wall and hung it all together for you to enjoy. Some is original art that we have purchased, some is artwork by customers and employees,some is framed and other is ready to go.

Then there are the Antique Bird Cages!  The Bird Books, many collectible.

Come and see them all and decide if you need any. There are many treasures!

November 5, 2015

Where do you store seed?

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The new seed harvest of the year is on our shelves now. All this wonderful, nutritious fresh food that has been growing outdoors without pesticides comes with occasional extras that you may not appreciate. So what to do to avoid seed moths and weevils in your house? FREEZE. I routinely freeze what I take home, at least overnight. I never store it in the refrigerator where the moisture will permit bacteria or fungus to contaminate this excellent bird food. My mother always said the bugs chose the best corn in the field and she had no problem when there was an occasional worm.

June 2, 2015

Why do birds eat so much?

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This question has come up a lot recently and for right now the answers are:

#1 It’s breeding season and if you are feeding a family it requires more groceries.

#2 Day length is still increasing so even your single pet bird is seeing the food for a longer period and eating more.

#3 Birds body temperature is higher than ours, about 104 degrees and so they always eat more in proportion to body weight. It takes fuel to maintain 104!

So what do we do if the Vet. says our bird is a perch potato and needs more exercise?

#1 Move the food farther away. If you have a tall cage, put the food in one of our blue and tan ceramic bowls on the floor of the cage – not directly under the perch.

#2 Feed lower calorie foods like kale and carrots in the morning from the regular food bowl.

#3 Do not feed on playpens. Encourage them to play instead with rotating toys. We have some great new toys in right now.

#4 Hide favorite foods in foraging toys that make the bird work for those nuts.

#5 Share your summer salads with the bird.

December 30, 2013

Hello Owls, nice to see you!

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Would you believe:

One of our customers from long ago has grown up to be the trapper at an Airport who relocates birds so as not to cause incidents with an airplane. He knows I ADORE birds and sometimes stops by with his latest catch on his way to the release location. We had a Snowy Owl and Great Horned Owl visiting on Saturday! Scroll through the pictures and see what a lovely visit it was!

November 15, 2010

Winter Bird Feeding

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With all the wonderful birdfood we have at Animal Exchange, many people don’t realize that we stock wild bird food too. The prices are good and the quality is excellent whether you want hulled seeds that leave no waste or the ever popular black oil sunflower or safflower. We do not reccomend corn if there is any chance it will get wet. That’s when you end up with drunk robins.