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October 16, 2006

Rabbits as Pets

Filed under: Small Animals — admin @ 3:11 pm

Rabbits make very sucessful household pets. While it is true they can be kept outdoors with protection from the elements, most of the bunnies that live in this area are indoors in a hutch. They are given a lot of freedom when supervised, will usually return to a litter pan when necessary and are not allowed an opportunity to chew on their favorite item – electric wires. A life span of 8-10 years is common. OXBOW food is reccomended with the 15/23 blend used for the first 6 months and then BUNNY BASICS T afterwards. On occasion we have bunnies that have been neutered at a young age, making it easier to keep more than one bunny.

March 30, 2006


Filed under: Seasonal,Small Animals — admin @ 12:29 pm

Spring brings us calls about “Easter Bunnies” and our answer is that we only sell year round rabbits! A bunny is a wonderful addition to a family, but it is not a seasonal item, rather a new family member for probably the next eight years.  We will be glad to show you the bunnies we have that usually include Holland Lops, the tiniest of the bunnies who have ears that hang down. We have great introductory books on rabbits and much personal experience that we will be glad to share with you.     .


Yes we have bunnies but they are not just “Easter Bunnies”, they are wonderful year round pets.

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This little bunny is a ” lop ” because its ears hang down instead of standing straight up like a dwarf or any of the other breeds that you may see. Since he is a ” Holland lop ” he will not get much bigger. We expect them to live about 8 years.

March 18, 2006

Pile of gerbils

Filed under: Small Animals — admin @ 12:08 pm

We always suggest that you keep more than one gerbil as a pet because they are really social animals.  These pictures certainly proves the point!

    Gerbil Pile      Gerbil Pile

March 5, 2006


Filed under: Small Animals — admin @ 6:32 pm

Did you know that rats are excellent, intelligent pets? In fact, our customers that decide on a rat as a pet, tell us all sorts of stories about how affectionate they are and these owners frequently show up at the store with their pet in a jacket pocket or on their shoulder. We have a fascinating selection of pet rats at the store right now. Our hairless mother rat is just about done raising her 13 pups and cant wait to have a private tank of her own. We also have a tank of baby rats that a customer brought in that includes curly, dumbo and all sorts of different patterns.  Be sure to see this  great collection before they are all gone.

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