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June 19, 2006

Bird toys

Filed under: Bird Care,Store News — admin @ 6:24 pm

Does your bird need a new toy? Well of course the answer is YES and Animal Exchange has the right ones to choose from. In fact, we just received $2000.00 in toys, and another $250.00 is on the way. Why so many? Because our intelligent birds love a new challenge. The love [and need] to chew and toys provide an alternative to windowsills, cage cups, house plants [some of which are toxic] and wallpaper. For some birds, a new toy is threatening, especially if it is immediately put in their cage. Put new toys where they can see them for a few days, play with them yourself and see how curious the bird becomes. Then put it in the cage. Put toys in different locations in the cage, not all hanging from the top. Your bird will go down to the floor if there is something of interest. Take a picture of your pet and enter it in our photo contest. The winners will be featured not only in the store, but also in our ad in the Gazette newspaper. Entry foirms are on the front counter at the store.