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January 25, 2007


Filed under: Bird Care,Seasonal,Store News — admin @ 4:44 pm

  PLEASE READ the section in the news about singing birds. Then consider the options that your bird has. If your bird whistles, you will hear a lot of whistles, if it talks, there will be a lot more talking, if it only is a chirper, there is a lot of that. Whatever your birds voice is used to, there will be more. And then there is the attention factor. When you are feeling romantic don’t  you want a bit more attention? And just like you, they will do anything they can to get it. If you have made the mistake of yelling at the bird when it does something you don’t like [screaming, biting, eating the wallpaper or window sill, …], they would like you to repeat it. They want extra attention so give it to them before they demand it and you will have a much happier season.

   Have you ever thought about how birds breed? The mechanics can be a bit tricky and since they have no hands their beak is all they have to hold on with. If your bird is closely bonded with you you may be having more encounters with the beak than usual. Try to avoid situations that may lead to a bite and protect yourself! Don’t have the bird near your face and wear gloves if your hands are a target. Owners are always telling me that their birds are afraid of gloves but if you wear heavy flesh colored gloves my birds accept it. Some folks use a perch to move the bird from place to place if they are afraid to put their hands in front of the bird. It is understandible if your finger is still recovering from the last encounter.

   Birds are wonderful. The problems arise because they out smart us all too often. If you have any questions about your bird, don’t hesitate to call the store and sign up for our parrot psychology class.