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December 19, 2009

Snow Storms

Filed under: Seasonal,Store News,Uncategorized — admin @ 7:00 pm

Dec 20 was a blizzard day in Rockville. Since I was feeding 2 baby African Grey Parrots and 4 Peach Faced Love Birds, I was concerned about getting up my hill to the store so at midnight I packed up a cot,a change of clothes and some food and headed in for the night. By morning it was clear this had been a good idea since I could not even see my car under a foot or so of snow and more coming down. Everyone had been warned to keep their pets warm and safe and a few hardy souls in the apartments next to us were clearing spaces for their little dogs who were shorter than the snow. We had just three customers that made it in that day. Two needed crickets and one a mouse. One young lady was 27 cents short on her purchase, saying she would bring it in next time. She showed up at supper time with the change and 3 delicious tacos for me since she had figured out that I would be here again for another night. Are pet people not the most caring people on earth? Not only do they take care of their animals but the rest of us as well. That’s why Animal Exchange is still in business  starting our 31st year and it is still worth while to be here even in the worst of times. Thank you all.