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March 23, 2011

Birds That Fly

Filed under: Bird Care,Seasonal,Uncategorized — admin @ 3:12 pm

Now that we have flowers blooming and Spring here, it’s time to check your pet birds wings. Feathers drop out (molt) and regrow in a 3 week time frame so if you see ¬†a clipped feather on the floor, a new one will be in soon. They don’t all drop at the same time so we are gradually going thru the¬†prenuptial molt right now. Cockatiels can fly when they have just one feather regrown and as we go in and out more in the nice weather,all too many will decide to go out with you and usually they are gone for good.

Call the store if you want us to trim feathers for you or watch our YouTube video on wing trimming and do it yourself but please, please keep your bird safe.