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February 25, 2012

Lineolated Parakeet

Filed under: Bird Care,Store News — admin @ 3:26 pm

Our 2 Lineolated Parakeets had been feeding each other back and forth in their cage for a week. Now one was clearly unhappy. Laura separated the bird and put a heating pad under the cage. The bird went down on the floor of the cage and the next morning was ” cured “. She had successfully laid her egg and was cheerfully eating and drinking. If you need a proven female Lineolated parakeet, she is available.

” Sick Birds “

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This is the time of year that we get calls about birds that are “sick”. The first thing to do is put their cage over a heating pad. In many cases that will “cure” the bird. How you ask? Well with the increasing day length,  hormones are surging and the result is that female birds (hens) are laying eggs. In fact we had our bird breeding class two days before Valentines Day since Valentines Day is when you should put your canaries up to breed.

Other tips:

Please do not leave the grate in at the bottom of the cage. It’s very hard to lay an egg when you are sitting on a grate.

If your bird is suddenly eating a lot of the cuttlebone, there may be an egg on the way.

Some birds that lay eggs have been thought to be male – that was incorrect.

A male is not necessary for a hen to lay an egg. The egg just will not be fertile.

Even if you have only one bird, leave the egg in the cage until she has stopped laying (usually every other day) and has completed her clutch. Wait 7 days before removing the eggs. And yes, you can dye them for Easter.

If you want to breed birds and (I want you to) please come in and discuss nests, nesting material and appropriate equipment with me. What will you do with the offspring? We buy them!!!

February 6, 2012

Pet Notes

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Animal Exchange has sent out to our mailing list our first Pet Notes newsletter. (It has a great picture of our baby Kakariki.)  Since we have not been very good at keeping up our mailing list, many folks have not been entered correctly so if you did not hear from us the week of 2-7-12, please sign up at this link;

This is also our Facebook page, so please “Like” us on Facebook to keep up with Animal Exchange.

Note: You do not have to have a Facebook account to sign up for the newsletter at this link.