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July 7, 2012

Photo Contest

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Wow, are we ever getting wonderful pictures of your pets this year for the contest. And we have a new opportunity for you this year. With every purchase of $5.00 or more you get a chance to vote for YOUR favorite photo. If  one vote is not enough, you can but more ballots for .10 cents each or 12/$1.00 with all of the money going to Second Chance Wildlife. Isn’t that the best ever win-win situation?

You can enter a photo thru July 15. We’d love to see your pet!

Prizes will be awarded Sunday August 5 . That day is exactly 33 years since Animal Exchange opened our doors in Rockville. It will be a great Birthday Party and your pets are invited!

Long Hot Summer

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If it’s already breaking records, it’s essential that you think thru what your pet needs in hot weather:

–   LOTS of water. Put out a second bowl for the Dog and Cat. Bathe birds early in the day in the shower with you or spray from a bottle. Change 10% of your fish tank water more frequently. Add a second bottle for the outdoor Bunny and keep the Chinchilla in air conditioning.

–  Keep every pet out of direct sun. Even your lizards that love to bask will dry out in this heat.

–  If power is out, remember that birds do not eat in the dark so have them near a window. Refill bowls often.

–  If you must travel with pets, keep them in the middle seat, as low in the car as possible. Heat rises but cold falls.

–  NEVER leave any animal alone in the car even for “a minute”.