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April 18, 2013

Young Adult Science Cafes

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Our 3rd Tuesday Science Cafes have been a huge success ever since we started them 4+ years ago. Now there is a second opportunity at the Universities at Shady Grove. Their first one was April 17 and what a joy it was to be in a room packed with the next generation of  brilliant, inquisitive minds that will be solving many of the diseases and biological challenges we face today. There are fliers are on the front counter at Animal Exchange and we hope they will continue to provide many more stimulating events. May 1, 2013 is the next Cafe.

19 Baby Birds!

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If you wonder why I’m tired, let me explain: First came the Green Cheeked Conures. Their owner had a car accident and asked if I could buy them – the pair and their 4 chicks that would need hand feeding 4X a day. Then came the 4 baby Peach Faced Love Birds. We have a waiting list for them so I added them  in. By this time, I was taking them home every night so I could feed them at 5 AM when I got up, to get in 4 feedings a day. Then came the 8 baby Cockatiels. They were from my very best breeder who had been kind enough to finish off the babies that were being hand fed over Christmas so how could I say no to her. Her pied and lutino birds are sensational. Oh and then she found 3 more! Total 19. The time commitment was about an extra 4 hours each day. These babies should probably sell for a lot more than we charge but the joy of seeing what great pets they are makes all the effort seem worthwhile.

If you choose to take one of these treasures home with you, please remember the following;

They deserve the best food. That’s what we feed our birds and it is most important that you continue to come to Animal Exchange for the freshest and best products if you want your pet to have the long healthy lives they deserve. You just don’t find pets like these elsewhere. There is a reason for that.

We use Avitron vitamins in the water every other day. The product has been discontinued by the manufacturer but we managed to find some and will have it on the shelf for you until our supply runs out. I’d love to have you write or call the manufacturer and tell them why they should remake the product. It has been the best for the last 34 years.

Toys? Yes and we have a huge selection that are as safe as possible for your bird. 4 of the manufacturers started out as our customers. If you want to add things you make yourself, please let us check them for safety first. We  found one person putting led fishing sinkers in the cage because his parakeet liked them. Many strings and wires are dangerous too.

So why am I tired? It’s 10 PM and I’ve just finished the last baby feeding and I thought you should check your birds for dangers in their cage. Good night.