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May 29, 2013

June Is Here

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June is here and summer is upon us and although breeding season is “ending” soon (typically running from January until June), the babies keep coming! Many birds that are benefiting from good food and good care as our pets do these days, actually breed year round. That’s why you can buy eggs in the grocery store every day.

After successfully hand feeding 19 baby birds just a few weeks ago (most of whom have already found lovely new homes), we now have a few more little cockatiel mouths to hand feed! They are just about three weeks old right now and won’t wean until they’re about eight weeks old.  Because they are so young they will be hand fed four times a day. Feel free to call or come by to see these baby birds being hand fed and turn from a ball of fluff only a mother could love to a beautiful hand fed baby ready for its new home! It’s not only fun to see but a great learning experience that we hope will inspire you to hand feed your own baby birds one day.

Speaking of beautiful babies, I’m sure you’d agree that your pet is one of the best looking around. Well if you think so and would like to share a lovely picture with us and our customers, make sure to enter  our annual Photo Contest. Seeing as everyone’s always taking pictures these days, take a picture or share one you already have  with us this June. We have several categories for our feathered, scaled, or furry friends that may win you a prize! So whether a baby, with hardly any feathers like the babies we have now, or an old friend you love to tell everyone about, call us if you have any questions. Ballots will be here soon!l

May 19, 2013

Book Signings at the Blessing of the Animals

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Animal Exchange customers always amaze me not only with their knowledge but also with what they do. This year we have invited our authors to come before the Blessing to share their books with you and even autograph them if you wish. Join us this Friday, May 24 at 4 PM to meet the authors and at 4:30 for our 24th annual Blessing of the Animals.

Some pets are not as interested in social events and so we always have some Pet Lovers attend with pictures of their pets instead of the animal and all are welcome. There will be punch and cookies for everyone and water and treats for pets.

May 1, 2013

Working at Animal Exchange

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For the last 34 years we have held classes for  individuals 14 or older who are interested in learning more about pets and/or working for Animal Exchange Those who have been hired are an amazing group that now include at least 9 Veterinarians, multiple scientific researchers, nurses, teachers and PhDs. However we’ve changed the format a bit as the world has changed and now ask anyone who is interested  to view the 16 or more videos on the Animal Exchange youtube channel. When you are confident with the information presented there, we will have you take a quiz on each one and add you to the list of potential employees. We can’t hire everyone but if you have spoken with our staff, you know they are the brightest and the best.

They’re Weaned!

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All 19 of the baby birds are weaned and some have even gone to their new homes already. They are just beautiful with all their feathers perfect since this is the only time in their lives all the feathers come in at the same time. Do come and visit the remaining Cockatiels and Green Cheeked Conures while they are here. The Conure parents are fooling around in the nest box again so there may even be more on the way. With the nest box on the outside of the cage it is possible to peek in and see what’s there but Grace is the only one of the store staff tall enough so we wait for her to be in each week to report.