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November 23, 2013

Thanksgiving Day Treats

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Thanksgiving day means lots of food for most of us and your pets want to be included in the bounty. Birds can have some of everything on the table except for avocado and will usually eat anything that is warm. Spray millet will keep them busy for awhile,with even the big birds carefully shelling each tiny seed. Be a bit more selective with your small animals but a lovely baby carrot or the kale used around the salad will make them happy.  Our Bunny Blocks are a treat for every kind of small animal, not  just bunny’s.

Tuna is not on my menu but Cosmic Tuna Flakes are a hit with even the fussiest kitty. We even have Chicken Liver with Pumpkin and Apple to put them in the mood.

Don”t let the dogs help themselves. We had a significant menu change the year my Irish Setter sampled all the baklava on the tray. Happily the chocolate was out of reach since that would have meant a trip to the vet. No chocolate for the dog please!

Thanksgiving is a time we are especially thankful for our pets and the wonderful owners that we see every day.


November 11, 2013

Cockatiels, Guinea Pigs and Parakeets, Oh My

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Animal Exchange has more wonderful pets here for you now than I can ever remember. We counted the Cockatiels and it’s 33! including the 11 I am still handfeeding. Every color and design is here. I’m afraid to count the parakeets- there are too many with lots of blues. One of our beautiful grey Teddy Bear Guinea Pigs had an inky black baby just this morning and another female will be producing soon. Come watch them grow.

November 7, 2013

Holidays Are Coming!

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If you are thinking of a new pet for your household, please consider the advantage of getting it either well before the holiday or else after all the excitement had settled down. Like any new family member, an animal deserves a calm environment when everything in life is changing.

I always enjoy having a new animal settle in before the big day and then be able to celebrate with us. A bird will get a new toy, the guinea pig, extra hay in the form of an Oxbow stacker and even the lizards know something special is afoot and receive an extra feeding of wax worms.

Especially take care that water is fresh and available and cages get an extra careful cleaning. It is sometimes easy to forget in the holiday rush.