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December 30, 2013

Hello Owls, nice to see you!

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Would you believe:

One of our customers from long ago has grown up to be the trapper at an Airport who relocates birds so as not to cause incidents with an airplane. He knows I ADORE birds and sometimes stops by with his latest catch on his way to the release location. We had a Snowy Owl and Great Horned Owl visiting on Saturday! Scroll through the pictures and see what a lovely visit it was!

December 15, 2013


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As our daily light supply starts to increase after the winter solstice, all sorts of animals react. Hormones start flowing in the birds and a typical phone call starts ” he never did this before…” ¬†Usually the bird has gotten unusually loud or begun to chew a treasured piece of furniture. They have to announce that they are looking for a mate and then prepare a home. Sometimes a bird will start sitting on the floor of the cage and aggressively charging any hand that trespasses in the cage. After a week or so, an egg may magically appear. If there is only one bird in the cage, don’t expect it to hatch but what you now know is a hen may continue to lay, usually every other day until she completes a clutch and incubates the eggs. Birds need extra calcium to make the eggshell so add an extra cuttlebone and any other calcium source you have. I always wait at least a week after the last egg is laid before removing the eggs and encouraging the bird to get back to the regular routine.

December 3, 2013

Monthly newsletter

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At the start of each month, Animal Exchange is sending out a newsletter with up to date information about the store and lots of tips about care for your pets. ¬†As a result, our web page has not had as much new information posted. Call the store and ask to be added to the newsletter list and we will be glad to oblige. And don’t worry about too much email. We do not share lists and are lucky to get one newsletter a month done.