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June 28, 2014

Photo Contest! And We’re 35!

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It’s that time again and customers are bringing in amazing pictures of their pets. We  don’t often see our clients, just their staff ( that’s you…”) and so the photos are a real treat for us. Prizes will be awarded at our 35th birthday party at the store on August 3, 2014  at 1 PM. Do join us for an afternoon of refreshments and reminiscing  on what has happened here with the most wonderful People and Pets, for 35 years. And as always, thank you for caring about animals as much as we do.

June 2, 2014

Treats for your Pet Bird

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“My birds always lay eggs because of your food.”

What greater compliment could we get? What you feed your pets determines how well they do. Reproduction does not happen on a poor diet. Here are some of our considerations with food choices:

-Clean fresh seeds for birds with just natural color. Have you ever noticed that the artificially colored seeds or pellets result in unusually colored droppings?

-Variety! There are over 10 bins of foods that your parrot can try. Because birds depend so much on vision, changing the appearance in their food bowl is a very good idea. Our suppliers sometimes have shortages of various ingredients and leave us without a particular mix and we too have to shift to a substitute. It sure helps if they have seen it before.

-Natural treats. Today all the birds got red and yellow peppers and cucumber. Yesterday was corn and kale. Bok Choi is a favorite. As soon as the bird at my house hears me cooking eggs, he is stomping his little feet demanding I put a ladder up to the table so he can get his share. Most pet birds love to share your plate and he will try most anything when we are eating together.