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March 31, 2015

April Science Cafe

Filed under: Science Cafes,Store News — admin @ 8:59 am

April 21 is the day when we will host Dr Linda Rayor from Cornell University at the next Rockville Science Cafe. The topic is Spiders!!!

Dr Rayor studies social spiders in Australia and taught a wonderful Summer school course that I was fortunate to attend . If you have a pet spider please call the store if you would like to bring it to the program that evening. It is sure to be an excellent presentation.

Pink Chicks

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They are not dyed but they are and will stay a beautiful pastel pink color. They are the rosy mutation of the Bourkes Parakeet. These little guys that we are just finishing hand feeding will be ready to go to new homes right after Easter and are very different than most parrot family birds. They have a lovely sweet voice, are very gentle and have even been kept with other species like canaries successfully. If you are on our newsletter mailing list, you can see a lovely photo of them there.

March 7, 2015


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Will the snow ever be gone? Well the birds think Spring is coming and that is because the day length is increasing. Even though it was 12 degrees on my front porch this morning, I could hear the Spring songs of the song sparrow and the cardinal. While our pet birds are inside, if there is a window they know too. We have had eggs appear in the finch cage and even parakeet although there is no nest in sight.

Easter is coming but we do not sell Easter Bunnies. When we have a bunny go home with you it is an 8-12 year commitment to a great companion animal, a year round rabbit. The bunnies here now are from a Lionhead breeder so they are fluffier than most. Ask us to take one out when you are here.

March 14, 2015 is the real Pi Day ¬†3.1415…… If you are reading this before then, join us for a night of comedy with Tim Lee, a PhD ecologist from California who is performing at F Scott Fitzgerald theater here in Rockville. If you can’t be here, you can still enjoy some of his hilarious interpretations of science by seeing his videos on you Tube.

The next Rockville Science Cafe which is normally on the 3rd Tuesday of the month has been moved to March 24 rather than compete with a live band at Branded ’72 on St Patricks Day. Dr Valentina Aquila will be speaking about how Volcanoes are effecting Climate. ¬†April’s Cafe will be on April 21 and features Dr Linda Rayor from Cornell University who will lead a discussion on Spiders. Join us for these FREE Cafes. The store can tell you what’s up next for each month.