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August 14, 2015

Balcony Alert

Filed under: Bird Care,Store News,Uncategorized — admin @ 2:25 pm

This is a story about Shamus, a lovely Brown Headed Parrot. He lives in an apartment in Gaithersburg and had to be temporarily put on the balcony in his cage at midnight last week. The weather was fine and he slept until 7 A M when a Hawk, flying over head saw him and tried to take him out of his cage ! His owner brought the cage inside and discovered a talon sized puncture on his chest. Shamus is fine now but will never again camp out on the balcony.

Hawk’s vision is amazing and their memory is not bad either. In fact the Hawk returned to the balcony and looked under things hoping to find what it considered brunch later that morning. We have pictures at the store of both the Hawk and the hole in Shamus chest. Ask to see them when you are in.

It’s interesting to think about what would have happened if the cage had been covered with a sheet or blanket. If Shamus were not visible when the Hawk flew by, there would have been no problem unless the predator ┬áhad a good sense of smell like a Fox does. Most pets are safest indoors.