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November 14, 2015

November is about the stars

Filed under: Science Cafes,Store News — admin @ 4:30 pm

Can you navigate 2500 miles in the ocean using just the stars? The Polynesians did and our Science Cafe speaker last month Doug Herman showed us how they made their canoes and went exploring the world. This month Nov 17, he will be explaining how they knew their way, with no other navigational equipment other than the stars. Dr Herman is a dynamic speaker and will probably convince you that you can do it too.

December will be a visit with an island full of alcoholic monkeys. What a practical choice for the holiday season. Januaries’ Cafe will include a very exciting announcement so put January 19 on your calendar right now. This is such a science rich environment we live in and the Rockville Science Center Science Cafes have been opening the windows of research monthly for the last 7 years.

Every third Tuesday is our schedule . You can always call the store at 301-424-PETS to find out what the next topic will be and join us for the free program.

Mega Millet

Filed under: Bird Care,Seasonal,Store News,Uncategorized — admin @ 4:03 pm

It’s actually Milo but if you and/or your birds or small animals are fans, we have been able to locate an organic, local source of freshly harvested Milo. We are talking to the farmer about providing other seed heads for our pets both as food and enrichment also. Try some and let us know what your pets think.

Your dog will probably agree with our test dog that the tiny new training treats we found at the show are irresistible. You can get a lot of mileage from even a ┬ásmall package whether you are training or just loving your favorite canine. Especially since the busy holiday season will be here soon It’s good to have a distraction available so pets feel treated too.

November 5, 2015

Where do you store seed?

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The new seed harvest of the year is on our shelves now. All this wonderful, nutritious fresh food that has been growing outdoors without pesticides comes with occasional extras that you may not appreciate. So what to do to avoid seed moths and weevils in your house? FREEZE. I routinely freeze what I take home, at least overnight. I never store it in the refrigerator where the moisture will permit bacteria or fungus to contaminate this excellent bird food. My mother always said the bugs chose the best corn in the field and she had no problem when there was an occasional worm.