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June 15, 2016

Science Center

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Would you like to see a Science Center in Rockville Maryland? I would and that has been a goal for the last 27 years for a group of local activists who have organized and run Science Day in April every year. This year there were over 80 exhibits, many provided by companies and organizations along the 270 high tech corridor.

What can you do?

Join the Rockville Science Center on the internet.

Sign  a petition at Animal Exchange.

Lobby – Rockville City Council,  Montgomery County Council, Montgomery County Board of Education, Montgomery County Executive Leggitt. Tell them why Science should be available to us and especially our youngsters all year round, not just on Science Day. We live in an area rich with Scientists and Innovators, their companies and government agencies. They are anxious to share with us. Let’s say YES now.

Can Birds Talk?

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YES!   That does not mean they will.

Every member of the parrot family can learn to speak just like you do regardless of what language you speak. New research has demonstrated that birds communicate with their chick even before it hatches out of the shell so the birds that we raise in our homes that hear us all the time are a good bet for learning language. Since we usually hand raise our babies, they are even more promising.

Right now we have Mr Bubbles in the store. He is a Red Fronted Kakariki who greets us in the morning with a delightful Good Morning and then goes on into his complete repertoire. It sure starts the day off right. Come meet him while he is still here.

Gallery Of Birds

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Over our 37 years in business we have accumulated a wonderful collection of artwork from a variety of sources – too much to fit on available wall space. So we have cleared one whole wall and hung it all together for you to enjoy. Some is original art that we have purchased, some is artwork by customers and employees,some is framed and other is ready to go.

Then there are the Antique Bird Cages!  The Bird Books, many collectible.

Come and see them all and decide if you need any. There are many treasures!