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June 7, 2013

Food For Thought

Filed under: Small Animals,Store News,Uncategorized — admin @ 6:59 pm

What a great phrase. Yes the food we eat enables us to think and the same applies to our pets. That’s why we have always searched for the very best foods to provide for our animals and yours.

Lab Blox are essential for my small animals. It’s what is fed in research laboratories for the best performance of their animals. It’s not easy for me to get since the suppliers do not distribute to the pet industry. It takes a lot of mice to eat 50 pounds and that is what comes in one bag. Monthly I meet the truck and collect 15 bags which you find in the bulk bin in the small animal section. When customers bring in new babies for us, I can tell by looking at them if they have been raised on Lab Blox. If they have, they are bigger, more robust and just better looking. Do the best for your pets with the proper food.

Bunnies, Guinea Pigs and Chinchillas each eat a special diet and we prefer Oxbow Products for them. The young animal diets are fed until Bunnies and Guinea  Pigs are 6 months and older and all these pets get a large handful of hay too. Alfalfa for youngsters, with Timothy and all the other hay types for everyone.

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