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October 9, 2007


Filed under: Small Animals — admin @ 10:18 am

   Yes there are dwarf hamsters but they are not just small Syrian hamsters. They are actually different species and there is  more than one. There is a very nice book on the dwarfs that we encourage you to read if you are interested in these active little rodents. It is in the book rack facing the small animals.  

   One of the points that is interesting is that  the dwarf species can interbreed and so when we get these little guys in, it’s sometimes unclear which one they actually are. In any event they are all very active and are usually easier to keep together than the solitary Syrian.

   All species of hamsters are easily kept in our favorite cage, a ten gallon tank. Our money saving set up includes a book about the animal you choose and in our 28 years in the pet business, it has proven to be the safest and easiest to keep clean. Tubes and toys can be added but we look for an easy to clean home first.

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